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Emerging Materials and Development Strategies in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Author Lee, Jun et al. Date 2018.12.17 Page
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In recent years, the hottest issue in the global economy and industry is the fourth industrial revolution. The new industrial revolution, which means a digital transformation through a link of physical cyber system and virtual reality, fundamentally changes production and consumption activities and creates innovative types of products and services. Under these situation, intelligent information technology is the foundation of the new industrial revolution. Intelligent information technologies, including Artificial Intelligence(AI), which is well known as the leading technology representing the 4th industrial revolution, the Internet of Things(IoT), cloud, big data and high-speed network, are key factors driving the convergence of manufacturing and services, and the smartization and servicification. As a result, most of the recent major national R&D projects related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution have focused on the development and application of intelligent information technology.

On the other hand, interest in materials, which is another factor that determines the competitiveness of industries and products in the era of the fourth industrial revolution, is relatively low. To realize universal technologies that will lead the fourth industrial revolution such as Internet of Things(IoT), cloud, and big data, advanced components such as intelligent semiconductors and smart sensors are indispensable.

In order to upgrade these parts, it is essential to secure advanced materials. In addition, the development of advanced materials is also essential for new emerging products to the fourth industrial revolution such as unmanned vehicles, smart factories, robots, smart devices, and energy must also be advanced.

From the material industry perspective, the flow of the fourth industrial revolution can provide us with new opportunities. Intelligent information technology that drives the fourth industrial revolution can also drive innovation both in the demand and supply side of the material industry, in other words, in the path of demand-creation and technology-push.?