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Analysis of Sustainable Growth Capability of Start-up and Survival rate Improvement Policy

Author Cho, Deokhee Date 2018.12.05 Page

The purpose of this study is to find policy measures to increase the survival rate of Korea’s start-up companies, which survival rate is the lowest among OECD countries. In order to do this, we first need to understand empirically the factors that affect the survival rate of start-up companies.


In this study, we tried to find a kind of jigsaw puzzles between startup failure factors and success factors. Also, in this study, we measured the “sustainable growth capability” of the start-up companies and analyzed the influence factors through empirical studies. These attempts are complementary to previous studies focusing mainly on exploratory case studies of Start-up companies and to enhance empirical understanding of the factors affecting the survival rate of entrepreneurs.


In conclusion, the policy directions presented in this study are ①Survival-oriented start-up policy rather than start-up rate-oriented policy, ② entrepreneurs-oriented(person) start-up policy rather than venture investment-oriented(money), ③ It is necessary to improve the management method of start-up supporting program and strengthen performance management.?