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Corporate Inclusive Action in Value-Chain of Domestic Firms: Performance and Policy Measures

Author Lim, Soyoung et al. Date 2018.12.04 Page
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Korea is also facing a serious economic and social inequality following the foreign exchange crisis in late 1997 amid intensifying income inequality in countries around the world. This can be confirmed by indicators such as the proportion of individual income of the top 10 percent income, the proportion of people whose income is less than 50 percent of median income, the Gini coefficient and so on. As a new growth model to address such inequality, inclusive growth is being discussed with international organizations such as the OECD, World Bank and the United Nations. Korea also emphasized the importance of the inclusive growth in the 2017 Economic Policy Direction of the New Government.


This research is intended to focus on the role of the company as the 

main player of the inclusive growth. The study would be utilized to prepare the policy countermeasures by diagnosing the possibility of improvement in inclusiveness that may be implemented in the course of business activities and current state and result of the related activities.?