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Suggestion of the New Classification for the Creative Development of Sport Industry - Focusing mainly on the Value Net of Sports Market-

Author Kim Hwa Sub, Gang Jun-Ho, Kim Jae-Jin Date 2013.05.07 Issue No 557

As the economic role of sport industry is getting more important, sport industry classification system was created and being used in order to grasp the situation of the sports market and support the establishment of efficient policy.


However, the existing sport industry classification has been centered on suppliers, revealing limits in figuring out the correlation among the sectors within sports market, reflecting the trend of the change in industrial policy and selecting the classification of sectors within the market which would newly emerge.   


This paper suggests the sports market value network, a new classification system which would be able to consider the positions of customers as well as suppliers.

- The new classification system use the concept of the primary market which was first industrialized in the sport culture, and the derivative market which is a new market derived from the process of operating the primary market and expanding revenues.

- The new classification system is expected to make contributions to the creative development of sport industry by helping to understand the chain structure  of the value creation between the primary and the derivative markets.


It is necessary to establish a new customized statistical infrastructure which realizes the features and advantages of the new classification system in order to use the infrastructure as a complementary tool for the existing statistics.



- It is required of the field survey conducted by industrial experts, the statistics prepared by responsible institutions and the approval from Korea Statistics.