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Prospect for the Major Industries in the Second Half of 2013

Author Growth Engine Industry Research Division Date 2013.06.28 Issue No 560

As the pace of recovery in the IT manufacturing industry persists in the first half and the shipbuilding and general machinery industries support the export, the export volume of the 10 leading industries would reach 9.6% growth rate in the second half, which is higher than that in the first half.  


- Notably, the shipbuilding industry is scheduled to deliver high priced ships such as drill ships and LNG carriers in the second half, which is the biggest factor that leads the bullish export in the second half.


- Among the 10 leading industries, steel industry would be the only one which would undergo the decline in its export by more than 5%, due to the pressure of the oversupply and weakened international steel price.


The production output of steel which is prospected to face sluggish export, would rise more than it does in the first half as the rise would be led by machinery and IT manufacturing industries whose export is booming.


Domestic demand is expected to grow higher than in the first half thanks to the recovery in the investment on public facilities, the increase in the release of new IT products despite the slowdown in steel, petrochemical and automotive industries.


The import of the leading industries in the second half is prospected to grow around 5% as the import of finished products and parts and materials increases because of the recovery in the export and domestic demand.


Although the ratio of the export volume the10 leading industries have achieved since the global financial crisis, had been on the decrease, its ratio has been back in the increase, solidifying its status as the leading export industries.


- The ratio of the 10 leading industries has risen to 68.7 % in the first half of 2013 from 68% in the second half of 2012, and is expected to increase to 70% in the second half of this year.