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Method to Tackle the Shortage of Software Talents through the Extension of Career Path

Author Choi Hee Sun Date 2013.08.07 Issue No 563

The shortage of software talents (herein after SW talents), especially the shortage of highly skilled software professionals is very serious.


- This phenomenon is estimated to be because the level of the average wage is low as small and medium-sized enterprises account for significant part in the software industry,  It also seems to result from the short technology life cycle, its human resource system and corporation culture


In order to resolve the shortage of SW talents, it is necessary to strengthen reward system, to introduce the human resource management system that enables developers to maintain their long-term employment,, and to improve the profitability of small and medium sized software enterprises.  


It is required of the method to resolve the shortage of SW talents by raising the lifetime income of the talents through the extension of their career path.


In order to extend the career path of SW talents, it is critical to expand the reeducation and retraining and introduce and improve the engineer tracking.


Moreover, it is necessary to raise the level of reward for SW talents and enhance the opportunity to create business based on the reward though the introduction and expansion of the Employee Invention Compensation System   


Given the short career path of SW talents. It is also crucial to consider the introduction of the so-called “SMEs Tech Personnel Pension System.