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Current Status of Support for Agriculture- Industry ?Commerce Convergence-based SMEs and Task for the Promotion of the Convergence-based SMEs.

Author Yang, Hyunbong Date 2015.03.19 Issue No 607

It is necessary to establish new development strategy through the convergence between agriculture forestry and fisheries (primary industry), manufacturing industry( secondary industry) and service industry( tertiary industry) for the Korean economy to respond to the ‘era of convergence’ in the 21st century.

 ●As food industry which had not drawn any attention, is receiving spotlight as new growth engine industry since the implementation of Industry Convergence Promotion Act, there is growing needs for the expansion of convergence between agriculture, forestry and fishery industry and other industries.

Agriculture-industry-commerce convergence- based SMEs is expected to contribute to creating new jobs and new high-value added new industry by realizing the development of new products or new service through the collaboration between SMEs and workers involved in agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

As of the end of 2014, the Korean government designated 300 agriculture-industry-commerce convergence-based SMEs, and is supporting the SMEs through about 20 support programs. However, the SMEs are confronted with difficulties like delays in the development of products, financing and creation of new selling channel.

●The overall satisfaction about the support programs remained low as 5.8 (out of 10), and notably, the satisfaction was low in the relocation and expansion of plants, financial support and human resource securing.

To create new growth engine through the promotion of agriculture-industry-commerce-based SMEs in the future, it is necessary to establish support system that is systemized on the basis of individual implementation of convergence, set up organic collaboration system between relevant ministries, and enact (tentatively named( Act regarding the Facilitation of Convergence between SMEs and  Workers Involved in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.)