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Could The Film “ Total Recall” Really Happen? Substitutional Reality Is Emerging

Author Choi, Kwang Hun, Lee, Kyoungshil Date 2014.01.21 Issue No 577


Substitutional reality is a technology·service which realizes virtual reality for users by substituting real world. 


The technology enables users to perceive the intentional information  created from outside, or the interaction within virtual space for the users, as their real experience by distorting cognitive process of human.    


As can be seen in the films like ‘Total Recall’ and ‘Inception’, users experience confusion and delusion as they cannot distinguish the virtual reality from real world.   

The applicable sectors for are psychological treatment, education and entertainment, some of which would be substituted with the substitutional reality, while the substitutional reality is expected to create new types of contents. 


Given the prospect for development of its element technology, the subtitutional reality for the use of just simple experience is expected to be realized within as early as 5 to 10 years, and the realization of its complete form is anticipated to take more than 20 years .


From the perspective of industry, the substitutional reality is expected to have a spillover effect on every economic sector thank to its multi convergence-oriented feature covering the cognitive·brain science, contents, equipment and software.


Although Korea is pushing ahead with various support measures for virtual reality, there is an insufficient organic cooperation among various relevant policies and projects for those measures. In order to foster the substitutional reality industry, it is urgent to establish inter-ministerial R&D roadmap, and put forward the systematic implementation of the policies from individual ministries based on that road map   


As the level of the source technology for susbtitutional reality and the bases for its integrative research are weak for Korea, it is required to pursue strategic R&D in order to predominate the global market of substituional reality.   


It is also important to develop relevant contents. To this end, it is necessary to improve the capability of interdisciplinary convergence.

In a long-term perspective, it is required to push ahead with the promotion of basic technology such as cognitive science which has a great spillover effect on various sectors, along with the promotion of applicable sectors.  


Prior to its commercialization, it is important to prepare legal system to respond to the problems such as crime, unethical use and abuse related to substitutional reality.