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Personal Information Protection and Industrialization of Big Data

Author Shin, Yoon-Sung, Lee, Joo -Youn Date 2014.03.27 Issue No 584

As the recent largest personal data leak has led to strengthening the protection of personal information, the industrialization of Big Data technology is prospected to be affected by that trend.  


As the financial authority prohibited any company from continuing sales or marketing by using personal data to prevent the secondary damage caused by the leak of more than 100 million credit card data, the business area of big data is shrinking.


Big data technology is drawing a new attention as a technology which creates a new value added by analyzing a massive amount of digital information generated in a real time in accordance with the increased supply and use of smart devices.


Major countries and enterprises around the world which recognized that the creation of new value added through the utilization of big data technology is a core element dictating the competitiveness in the future, are engaging in the expansion of investment in the big data technology and the improvement of relevant institutions in order to apply the technology to various fields.  


Korea is also pursuing an aggressive investment and support measures for that technology in order to lead data-driven economy which would be realized through an chemical combination between big data and creative knowledge.


To achieve the industrialization of big data as well as personal information protection, it is urgent to carry out a research of the implementation of balanced policy.


To prevent the recurrence of a large scale of personal information leak.  it is necessary for Korea to establish a safe and transparent information management system and be actively involved in the development of security-related IT technology to prevent the recurrence of a large scale of personal information leak.


 Along with the establishment of personal data protection system, there also should be an improvement of institutions and relevant researches to create value added based on big data and reduce social cost.