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Root Industry, A Key for Future Industry

Author Kim Sang Hoon, Shim Woo Jung Date 2013.12.23 Issue No 575

Root industry is a basic process industry which produces parts by using materials or manufactures finished goods by using parts through the process of casting, welding, permanent mold, plastic deformation, surface treatment and heat treatment. 


● As root industry was perceived as obsolete or 3D(Dirty, Dangerous and Difficult) one compared to innovative industry , its importance has not been emphasized despite its status of core industry of a production-based technology. 


● Root industry is emerging as an important production-based technology which determines the quality and feature of final goods as it plays its role as a base for entire industry and has highly close linkage with other industries. It is drawing lots of attention as an industry which makes great contribution to strengthening the competitiveness of innovative industry.  


Even advanced countries are pushing ahead with aggressive policies for root industry which accounts for a core part in the recovery of their manufacturing industry since the global financial crisis.


● Countries like Germany and Japan are making steady efforts to transform their existing 3D industry into ACE((Automatic + Clean +Easy) industry , while the U.S and U.K. are putting their emphasis on reinforcing the competitiveness of their production-based industry in order to expand the ratio of their manufacturing industry. 


It is expected that root industry would play a pivotal role which backs up the future innovative technology. The root industry is a crucial one for the improvement in the competitiveness of manufacturing industry and the job creation.



● Root industry not just brings about forward and backward linkage effect , but also has a great job creation effect.


● As there is yet systematic and specific measure to boost the industry despite its importance, it is necessary to establish systematic and specific industrial strategy for the root industry.


● For root industry, it is urgent to come up with the measures such as the creation of training program for the supply of workforce, energy reduction, response to environment regulation and its globalization for the enhancement in its value-added.