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The New Classification and Size Estimation of the Sport Market: Focusing on the Sport Market Value Network

Author Joon-ho Kang, Hwa-seob Kim, Jin-Myon Lee, Ka-young Park Date 2014.07.23 Page 72
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sport have begun to be considered an industry beyond
entertainment or culture. The sport industry increases
employment and creates economic value by having
positive effects on other industries. The more effects the
sport industry has on the economy, the more important
policies on the sport industry become.
To make a policy, it is necessary to compile statistics.
However, the classification in the sport industry has to be
done before compiling statistics. It is because the sport
industry is not a traditional but emerging industry. Accordingly,
various classification standards related to the sport industry
are made and gradually developed around the world. In the
beginning, there was a classification approach that first creates
main categories of the sport industry and then subdivides them
into smaller ones. It is the so called classification approach from
the provider’s perspective.