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The Korean Defense Industry 2013 : Current Status and its Policy Implications

Author Jang Won-Joon, Jeong Kyoung-Jin, Ann Young-Su Date 2014.07.28 Page 43

It is the second English version after the publication of KIET Korean
defense industry statistics and competitiveness whitepaper in 2012.
The purpose of this report is to establish the basic defense industrial
statistics through an actual survey from 2008 to 2012. In a similar vein, it
suggests policy implications to develop the defense industry as a new
growth engine for Korea.
It collects over 500 domestic defense firms’ dataset and accurately
analyzes them with appropriate statistical methods to provide
objectivity for the defense industry DB in Korea. Correspondingly, the
actual sample size has been continuously increasing from 213 to 314
within recent 5 years.



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