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Establishment of a System for the Selection and Utilization of Promising FTA Items for SMEs and Corresponding Policy Tasks

Author Lee, Youngjoo Date 2015.01.02 Page
○ This study strives to suggest policy tasks and implementation measures for the establishment of policy support system that can improve the utilization of SMEs’ export by categorizing contents into the ones related to the establishment of system for the selection of FTA promising items, and the ones related to the establishment of system for the utilization of  FTA based on selected items. 
   - As for the promising items selection system, this study suggests  selection methods by giving comprehensive consideration to internal conditions like production and export  capacity of SMEs, and external conditions such as tariff and non-tariff barriers of FTA partner countries and the global marketability of corresponding items.
  - As for the utilization system, this study derives measures for the systematic utilization of selected items,,  maesures for the improvement and complement of the existing support policies through the utilization of selected items, and new policy tasks