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KIET-CSD of Saudi Arabia Meeting

Presenter Date 2019.03.13
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    ○ Date & Time: March 13, 2019 /10:00-11:00  

    ○ Venue: Conference Room(#1102), KIET, Sejong, KOREA 

    ○ Participants: 



    1. Dr. Ji-Sang Chang (President) 

    2. Dr. Changuk Byeon (Executive Director, Center for Planning and Coordination)  

    3. Dr. Jaewan Jeon (Director, Public Relations and Int’l Cooperation Division)

    4. Dr. Dong-Joo Joo (Senior Research Fellow, Center for Int’l Industry and Trade)   



    1. Dr. Yasser Matbouli, Acting President of CSD 

    2. Dr. Hosam Rowaihy, Vice President for Knowledge 

    3. Dr. Hun Joo Park, Senior Advisor and Head of Research & Policy Sector 

    4. Dr. Abdulatif Alwasel, Advisor and Head of Vision Realization Office