Kim, Inchul 사진
Name Kim, Inchul
Position Vice President
Tel 044-287-3001
Major Field Macroeconomic Analysis, Technological Change
Education Ph.D. in Economics, Texas A&M University, USA
2021.09 ~ present  Vice President
2018.12 ~ 2021.09 Executive Director, Center for Industrial Policy Research
2016.06 ~ 2018.11 Executive Director, Center for Global Industrial Strategies
2014.11 ~ 2016.05 Director, Industrial Economics Division
2013.03 ~ 2014.11 Advisor to the Minister of Trade, Industry & Energy
2011.12 ~ 2013.02 Advisor to the Minister of Knowledge Economy
2004.05 ~ 2007.03 Advisor to the Minister of Commerce, Industry & Energy

2019.07 ~ present Adjunct Professor, Chungnam National University
2016.01 ~ present Senior Research Fellow, KIET
2004.01 ~ 2015.12 Research Fellow, KIET
2002.09 ~ 2003.12 Associate Research Fellow, KIET
1996.01 ~ 1997.08 Research Associate, Korea Development Institute (KDI)
1991.01 ~ 1995.12 Researcher, Institute of Economic Research, Seoul National University
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