Ju, Hyeon 사진
Name Ju, Hyeon
Position President
Tel 044-287-3000
Major Field Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises; Venture Businesses; Venture Capital
Education Economics,Seoul National University
Career 1985.08. ~ present Research Fellow, Small and Venture Business Division, (KIET)
1999.05. ~ 2003.05. Committee member, Advisory Committee on Fair Subcontract Transactions for the Fair Trade Commission
1999.07. ~ present Committee member, Regulation Deliberative Committee for the Small and Medium Business Administration
2000.06. ~ 2002.07. Committee member, Policy Evaluation Committee for the Small and Medium Business Administration
2001.03. ~ 2002.02. Professor, Incheon City College
1995. ~ 1997. The Youngdo Foundation Fellowship
1980. ~ 1983., 1989. ~ 1990. The Seoul National University Fellowship
Publications The Current Tasks of Promoting Policies for Venture Businesses in Korea, KIET Issue Paper 2002-115, KIET, 2002 (in Korean).
The Current Status of Regional Venture Businesses in Korea and Related Suggestions·, KIET Industrial Economic Review, Vol. 7, No.3, May/June 2002 (in English).
Plans for Activating Regional Venture Businesses, KIET Research Monograph, KIET, 2001 (co-authored), (in Korean).
Procurement System for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Korea, KIET, 2001 (co-authored), (in Korean)
The Performance of the Credit Guarantee System for SMEs in Korea, Korea Credit Guarantee Fund, 2001 (co-authored), (in Korean)
2000 White Paper on Small and Medium Enterprises in Korea, Presidential Commission on Small & Medium Business, 2000 (co-authored), (in Korean).
A Development Strategy for Korean VentureBusinesses, Seoul: Eulryumunwhasa, 2000 (co-authored), (in Korean).
A Survey on Subcontracting Practices by Industry in Korea, Korean Fair Trade Commission, World Bank, 2000(co-authored), (in Korean).
Policies for the Sustainable Growth of Venture Businesses in Korea·, Journal of Economic Policy, 2(2), Summer 2000, (in Korean).
Plans for Activating Investment in SMEs and Venture Businesses, Ministry of Finance and Economy, 1999 (co-authored), (in Korean).
Evaluation and Directions of Venture Business Policies in Korea, MOCIE (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy) and SMBA (Small and Medium Business Administration), 1999 (co-authored), (in Korean).
A Study on the Characteristics and Strategies of Korean Venture Businesses·, The Korean Venture Management Review, 1(1), 1988 (co-authored), (in Korean).